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Michael LukasVernissage Samstag 1. September 2018 15:00 Uhr

Gobelsburg, Kunst ab Hof

  • Michael Lukas Michael Lukas © Kunst ab Hof


Ausstellung 1. bis 26. September 2018.

For the latest body of work Michael Lukas created a new print technic.
The idea was to be able to print a large size without any appliances directly in his own studio.
By putting styrofoam plates together he achieves to print any size.
With acetone he applies the reversed image on the plates.
The acetone melts the styrofoam and generates a printing plate like a big stamp.
After the printing he uses aquarelle sticks for coloring.

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Kunst ab Hof

Zeiselberg 28
3550 Gobelsburg
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